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Algae Control In Ponds

There is absolutely nothing that will destroy the love affair that an owner has with their pond any faster than an algae bloom! It's disappointing, depressing, and often downright ugly.

So you're here with the intention of killing that algae off with an algaecide, right? That's what most people do, but that doesn't mean it's the right step for you or the best option for your pond.

Chemicals might play a part in an overall treatment plan, but there may be better options that are safer for your fish, pets, or family members. Want to learn more about pond algae control? Sign up below to receive our special report called Five Critical Steps To Controlling Pond Algae. These are "must-do's" if you want to have a clean and clear pond and best of all, every one is "Mother Nature Approved"

Pond Algae Control Products - What We Recommend

Along with taking some basic and easy steps as we outline in the report, there are products that can help your pond as well. Each category listed below contains tools that are time tested and proven to control many types of algae in all sizes of ponds.

We use these personally and recommend them often to clients depending on their needs. They are also listed in somewhat of an order of preference. The top sections are the safest and most beneficial treatments for ponds in that they simply alter the ponds environment to create a cleaner and healthier pond. We saved the chemcial algaecides for last and we believe that's how they should be a follow up treatment when other more natural and beneficial methods have somehow not produced the desired results.

ultrasound unit

Ultrasound Systems

algae off

Algae-Off! Algaecide

earthtec algaecide

EarthTec Algaecide

algae fix



Algae Treatments Can Be Targeted And Effective

Algae may show up in many forms in a pond, water garden, pondless waterfall, or fountain. Whether it appears like green water, string algae, scum on the liner or rocks, or floating mats, there is an appropriate solution to your problem!

In many cases when restoring a pond with beneficial pond bacteria, we don't worry about the type of algae that much. It's shown some degree of success in reducing or cleaning up almost every type (other than chara) because it naturally works to lower nutrient loads in the water. You can read more about how this process works on our natural algae control page.

Other types of pond algae control treatments may be more specific in how it's targeted to a particularly algae type. Things like uv pond filters, ultrasonic algae control, or some algaecides simply work better on certain types of algae compared to others.

We suggest you spend a little bit of time reading through our algae related articles to learn more about what kinds of treatments work best for the type of problem you're having in your pond. And as always, if you have questions that you can't find the answers for here, be sure to contact us with your question(s) and we'll do our best to help in a timely manner.

Please Note: Only chemical products designed to kill algae outright and EPA registered as such are considered to be algaecides. Beneficial bacteria, aeration systems, and pond dye for example do not control or kill algae directly, and no part of this website implies that. They simply help to alter the pond's environment to make it much more difficult for algae, aquatic weeds, and other unwanted growth to prosper and thereby help to create a cleaner pond in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

*We offer free or flat rate shipping on many of our popular products (all are clearly marked) some products however will include a delivery charge.

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From Our Customers

"This is without a doubt the best way to control algae, once the water cleared up it stayed that way for the rest of the summer and now into the aren't just selling products - you help educate pond owners."

Thanks Again - Lori


"Want to thank you for recommending the submersible 2500 dispenser. I've had trouble all summer with a green pond. I tried NT-MAX and GREEN CLEAN. Nothing happened--no results. I then emptied the pond, scrubbed the rubber sides, drained it, filled it with treated water, and within 3 weeks had the same emerald green pond. Then your product arrived on 24 August and within 7 days the pond water was clearing. Today Sept. 6, I can see all 15 Koi, Sunset Platies, the bottom of the pond and the base of all water lilies. I can't thank you enough for solving my blooming algae problem."

EWR San Diego


"I just want to thank you once again for your excellent products. This is the second year without an algae bloom! I fought that horrible problem for 5 years with little success, but these past 2 years using your products, I have not had one algae bloom, not one. Amazing."

Wes - Ohio

This is the 2nd year I have ordered algae control products from you and I love them, I have never had anything that works so good and I will never again be without it if I can help it. This year I ordered an extra one for a friend and he thinks it is wonderful too. Thanks for all you do for the environment. I am so glad I found you!

- Jan M.

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